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Police:  Man paid couple for sex party, but told wife he was taken hostage.

An Orland Park woman, who awoke recently to find her husband and a man she’d never seen before standing by the bed in their underwear, told police she didn’t understand why her husband wouldn’t let her call the police after claiming he’d been taken hostage, or why he tried to talk her into going downstairs.

Police arrested the husband for felony disorderly conduct, and the man and another woman for misdemeanor prostitution.

Police arrested Geries Fakhoury, 32, of the 9400 block of John Humphrey Drive, and Thomas C. “Chris” Chatham, 35, and Shina Tousant, 49, both of the 1200 block of South Tripp Street in Chicago on March 8.

Fakhoury told police he was the victim of an unprovoked attack by two persons he’d never met and had no idea why he’d been targeted.

Police said Fakhoury initially told them he’d been accosted by a screwdriver-wielding man and a woman as he was entering his home around 10 p.m. March 7. He allegedly told police the two made him smoke a substance he suspected was crack cocaine, coerced him into entering his home, then demanded money.

Fakhoury reportedly told the couple he had no cash but agreed to go to a nearby bank where he withdrew $800 in two $400 transactions from a cash machine.

He said he and the couple returned to his home, where they forced him to smoke some more of the substance, strip down to his underwear; the two men then paid his wife a visit.

After questioning all four, police believe instead Geries Fakhoury paid Chatham and Tousant $400 apiece for a sex party meant to include the unsuspecting wife. The wife declined Chatham’s advances and remained alone in the bedroom, police said.

Chatham and Tousant left around 12:30 a.m., taking car keys, Fakhoury’s wallet, the garage door opener and the $800.  Shortly thereafter, Fakhoury allowed his wife to call police.

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