4 thoughts on “5 Coke codes = $5 Target eGift Card

  1. I just received the “official” email from Coke today. I had already entered four codes on the 29th using your link above. I was short on codes that day because I had entered all my codes 11/28 since points were doubled for school donations. After work on the 29th, I went to finish up with the fifth code and the link was no longer valid. Luckily they were keeping count of the points already entered and I was able to put the last code in today and get the gift card!

    • I’ve not received so much as a kiss-off from Coke. Pissed off enough to toss all the 12pk codes I’d been holding onto. FirstBorn drinks Dr. Pepper, anyway and I’m not fostering PITA’s Diet Coke addiction any longer!

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