$25 MM at Jewel – do not run this

Update:  Rachel points out that it sounds like I am giving tacit consent to this deal – I am not.  I post this only because others have been running this and I didn’t want a reader to post it under Deals & Steals, where I might not have seen it readily.  So please don’t do this deal, because the few bucks you’ll make (and yes, in the general scheme of things, it’s only a few bucks) will be the last you’ll do at any coupon-friendly store.  And if they’re not coupon-friendly why are you shopping there?

Was out checking on this $25 moneymaker – I am not gonna run it, but check it out for yourselves.

The OneTouch Verio IQ blood meter originally had a shelf tag of $69+.  It’s currently ringing at $19.99, system-wide (your store may or may not have changed the tags).  Last week’s Smart Source (8/5) had a $45 coupon for this very meter.  You do the math.

I didn’t run this because:  1) the coupon states one per person (oh, hell, that wouldn’t have stopped me!) and 2) coupon wording says “coupon value not to exceed actual purchase price.”  And that, folks, was the deal-killer for me.  If I picked up a few (okay, maybe a 100 or so?) and Jewel somehow didn’t get reimbursed, I’d be SOL.

which is why I say run this at your risk.  funny, i never thought i had scruples…

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